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Great news!! Now you have found me, you can ditch “yoyo dieting” and “celebrity fads” and fall in love with real food again!!” Woohoo!!

The truth about weight loss is it’s actually really easy to lose weight – completely naturally and keep it off – and you can learn how to do that right here.

This website will come in very handy if any of the following resonates with you:

  • Fed up with all the conflicting information on the internet and just want something ‘simple and normal’ to follow

  • Want a real person to talk to about your health, not just a computer robot or automated email

  • Have a busy home or career life, and find it hard to fit your health and fitness into your day

  • Feeling fed up, and not getting results with your current meal choices

  • Feeling low priority in your own life, and need a morale boost

  • Experience low self-esteem and confidence due to your weight gain

  • Find it hard to stick to a plan, or always feel hungry

  • Have tried every diet going and never reached your goal

  • Want to improve your health, and perhaps not really focus on weight loss

  • Your weight is effecting your quality of life

  • Have had children and want your pre-baby body back

  • Want to learn about nutrition to prepare better meals for the whole family

  • Need a coach to help make you accountable to your goal and guide you through a process

 Still here? Then you are my kind of person 🙂

Hi my name is Kim, and I am the Weight Loss Chef. Welcome to my website and thank you joining me. I’m a certified clinical weight loss, detox and clean eating coach, and spend every moment I can in the kitchen creating delicious weight loss recipes to help you, not only lose weight, but improve every area of your health and wellbeing. Nutrition is so important to your quality of life, and hopefully after reading through this site, you will find something that works for you.

The Problem with the Weight Loss Industry

Like you, I had tried every fad diet in the book. From low G-I to Atkins and Meal replacements, there wasn’t a shake or slimming product on the market I hadn’t tried. And you know what? They worked for a few days or so, then I got hungry, tired and fed up and went back to eating like I did before, and the only pounds I lost were £££ notes out my pocket!! Sound familiar??!

The weight loss industry is packed full of short-term fads, that try to trick your body into losing a bit of initial weight fast, but give little or no regard to your long term health, and relationship with food. If you want to make long-lasting change, you have to address your relationship with food, and find new delicious meals that work ‘for’ your body and not ‘against’ it.

Not processed frozen meals – not meal replacement shakes – not slimming pills – REAL FOOD! The stuff you’re supposed to be eating.


At 33 years old, mum to a 3 year old (and still carrying my baby weight,) I bravely

signed up to nutrition and fitness course, which changed my life completely. I was the most overweight and the oldest person on the course, but I just got my head down and studied hard because I knew there had to be a way I could improve my health and help others to do the same. Luckily, that course led me to a lovely strong body and onto other specialist nutrition courses and my current profession – HELPING YOU 🙂

After my nutrition training, I lost all my baby weight and felt amazing!


At nearly 41 years of age now, I’ve never been fitter and healthier, and cant wait to spend the rest of my life sharing my knowledge, experience and recipes with anyone who wants to make positive change to their lives! Everything is on this website, please feel free to poke around and enjoy.

The Weight Loss Chef blog and shop are still a work in motion, but if there is something that you need in the meantime – don’t hesitate to pop over a text or email anytime.

Kim – Weight Loss Chef.  Life begins at 40!

How I can help you 🙂


I offer a fully inclusive Weight Loss Coaching programme, which is delivered one-to-one online and over the phone with me. Some people thrive better in a group environment, so if you have some friends or colleagues that would like to join in a group challenge, there’s also an option for that too!

Included in the course, is everything I’ve learned about nutrition over the last 7 years, and how to create the perfect diet for YOU. I will personally coach you through the process and be available as support when you need help and ideas, or that kick up the bum!

As a fully qualified and endorsed member of The Complimentary Medical Association, I take your health, and my business very seriously. But that doesn’t mean that improving your lifestyle and eating better shouldn’t be fun. 🙂  The course is packed full of documentaries, recipes, food facts and challenges, to help you learn everything you need to know to get healthy and stay fit.

If you would like to have an informal chat about your weight loss and health goals, please complete the form below.

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Kim xx