Clean Eating

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Option 3: Clean Eating

Designed for everyone, this coaching programme is a slightly less intense than the detox course, but will help you get a firm understanding of what clean eating is, and how it can easily become your full-time lifestyle.

There are many ways in which to lose weight, but from all of my research, clean eating with a calorie/macro nutrient target is the only long term strategy that is truly healthy.

Lots of weight loss schemes are designed to simply trick your body into losing weight, and once you return to eating normal foods again, the weight piles back on.

Developing a clean healthy lifestyle, with a proper nutrition, balanced diet of home cooked foods, really is the only way to stay fit and healthy and give your body the best fighting chance or warding off disease, illness, pain and inflammation.

My clean eating programme will teach you what foods you should eat in abundance and which foods you should avoid or limit.

You will learn all about label reading, nutritional profiles, food analysis, macro and micronutrients. How to replace processed foods with natural alternatives and much much more!

The programme is 28 days long, and includes recipes, resources and full coaching support.


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