Personal Detox

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Option 2: Personal Detox

Firstly, let’s get one thing absolutely clear. There is no such product on the market that can be legitimately called “A detox!”

If you genuinely want to cleanse your body, there is no single juice, shake or supplement that can do this for you. Like everything in life, there is no magic pill, you have to put in some effort and take great care yourself.


What is Detoxing then?

Detoxing is a natural elimination process that your body does every single day, mostly while you are sleeping.

If you want to assist your bodies natural elimination pathways, and “do a detox” as such, you need to change your diet and lifestyle for a period of time – simple.

I will teach you how to do this, in a one-to-one coaching programme.

You will learn how to stop putting harmful substances into your body, and consume a diet of tasty whole clean natural foods, superfoods and herbs that will in turn boost the health of your liver, skin, lungs, intestines, bowels, blood, kidneys, heart, brain, pancreas and hormones. The diet protocols will help your body cleanse your system, boost your energy and allow it to heal from the inside.

Benefits of a Personal Detox

  • Lose pounds of excess waste from your digestive tract, intestines and tissues

  • Increase weight loss

  • Allows for clearer, more focused thinking and sharper focus

  • Improved sleep

  • Increase in energy

  • Makes your eyes shine and sparkle with vitality (my favourite part!)

  • Changes bad habits for good habits

  • Educates you about your organs and how they work

  • Learn about the food industry and why our bodies are sluggish as a result of certain ingredients

  • Eliminate inflammation throughout the body

  • Settle the digestive system and heal digestive symptoms

  • Remove bloating, gas and IBS symptoms

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood

  • Improve the immune system

  • Increases sense of wellbeing and calm

  • Controls energy levels by balancing blood sugars

  • Eliminates sugar cravings

  • Changes the palate to increase desire to eat healthier

  • Encourages clearer skin, better hair and nail strength

The 28 day Detox will completely revolutionise the way you eat, and I will be on hand to support and motivate you every step of the way.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of working with a professionally qualified detox coach, please message me below.

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